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Can you put a freestanding stove in a fireplace?

Yes, you can put freestanding stoves in fireplaces if you have an extended hearth and if you’re able to vent the stove through the firebox. Basically, freestanding stove fireplaces take on two structural forms. Firstly, the stove itself is positioned on extended hearth and placed in front of the fireplace. And secondly, the stove is set back into the firebox of the chimney behind the actual fireplace surround. As a result, these particular designs referred to as inglenook fireplaces allow for more free space in your living room. Consequently, inglenook fireplaces usually have the firebox cladded with heat resistant firebrick or stone which radiates heat back to your room. Also view our pros and cons of fireplaces with freestanding stoves to learn more about stoves with fireplaces.

Can you put a freestanding stove in a fireplace?
Clifford Inglenook Fireplace

with Henely Druid stove

Can you put freestanding stoves in fireplaces?
Belle Chimney Inglenook Fireplace

with Mulberry Beckett stove

Can you put a freestanding stove in a fireplace?
Napoleon fire surround for stoves

with Stanley Reginald stove

Why is a stove more efficient than an open fire?

There are many reasons why wood burning or multi fuel stoves are more efficient than open fires. Generally, open fires lose 80% of the heat generated through the chimney flue. In contrast only 20% of the heat generated by inglenook fireplaces are lost. Additionally wood or multi fuel stoves incorporate controllable primary air flow allowing you to set your preferred rate of combustion. Thus resulting in significant fuel savings towards your home heating bills. Because the fire is contained behind a closed glass door fireplace stoves are also a lot safer to use. And unlike an open fire you can leave your hearthside wood burner running overnight while the fire safely warms your home.

Why is a stove more efficient than an open fire?
Lamartine fire surround for stoves

with Boru Carrig Mor stove

Why is a stove more efficient than an open fire?
Piccolo Inglenook Fireplace

with Henley Skellig stove

How do I choose the right wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

The heat output and efficiency level of a multi-fuel stove is almost identical to that of a wood stove. However unlike a wood burning stove you have the added flexibility to burn a variety of solid fuels with a multi-fuel stove. In addition, solid fuel regulates heat well and is more practical should you use your stove more frequently. By and large, wood burners are less expensive to purchase and fire logs are by far the most affordable fuel source. Ultimately, the choice greatly depends on your lifestyle and preferred fuel choice. So if you favour a more eco-friendly option then a hearthside wood burner is a better choice. Or alternatively, multi-functional stoves with fireplaces which efficiently burn both wood and solid fuel are available upon request.

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