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Book Gravestone Ideas

Although book gravestones can be used to commemorate one individual person, they are ideally suited for two or more people. To demonstrate, a mother and fathers inscriptions along with a memorial photograph fits beautifully on our book memorials. Since each person has their own commemoration on a individual page. While a special epitaph for both family members is engraved on the sub-base below. In contrast, if the gravestone is for one person then a memorial poem is engraved on the right page. Another key feature of the memorial is the ability to add images to the surround. As shown below, images beautifully complement this type of design. Similarly, elegant ceramic photographs of your loved ones can be added above each inscription.

What do book headstones represent?

Open Book Gravestones

Color: Bahama Blue Size: 40" x 42" Reference: BH1

Book Gravestone ideas

Open Book Grave Surround

Color: Bahama Blue Size: 54" x 54" Reference: BH2

Scroll shaped gravestones Ireland

Grave Book Memorial

Color: Premium Black Size: 40" x 40" Reference: BH3

Scroll shaped gravestone with photos of Mum and Dad

Book Memorial Surround

Color: Premium Black Size: 54" x 54" Reference: BH4

Book Memorials in Granite

Book Headstone for Grave

Color: Aurora Granite Size: 36" x 42" Reference: BH5

Page Scroll memorial with grave surround

Book Headstone Designs

Color: Aurora Granite Size: 48" x 54" Reference: BH6

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